Console tables have a long standing reputation of being a perfect furniture piece in the entryway. I like how they carry a distinct look with their long and sleek form to lay parallel with the doorway. Entryways would obviously seem a little empty without them. Turns out console tables have a lot more potential than simply beautifying the entryway. Of course, they are functional and add to the appeal of a place. But they do so much more than just keep your keys intact.

Surprisingly, a console table works great in many other spots around the home. Here are 6 ways to use your console table differently!

Living Room

Living Room Console Tables

Console tables make wonderful living room furniture. Place a long console table against the wall, probably behind the sofa to get the most of its sleek form. A pretty lamp, your favourite book collection or some vintage collectibles. Put either or all of them on your living room console table to add spark to your decor. If you would like to save some space, opt for a sleek one that sticks to the wall. Yet, serves the purpose of holding your accessories.

Home Office

wooden console table

What if you could have a spot that holds all your study materials, office work, stationary etc.? A place where you can pull a chair and sit comfortably with your electronic tablet or laptop. A console table will help you do that. Even if you do not have a separate home office space. A console table in your bedroom makes working from home the most comfortable thing ever. Being sturdy and long, it has adequate space to hold your books, magazines, laptop, files etc. all at one place. If you get a console with some storage space like drawers and shelves, you can arrange all your work materials neatly.

Mini Bar

Yes, you heard it right. Console tables could double up as a mini bar. If you do not want to spend too much on a wooden bar cabinet, you can opt for a console table in the living room or bedroom. And have your own bar set up at home. Choose console tables that come with shelves to arrange the bottles. It not just keeps your bar accessories and bottles in one place but adds a hint of glitz to the decor of your home.

Vanity Table

Get a pretty console table and set it against a wall, hang a mirror over it and you have a vanity table ready. Console tables being sleek and long let you place all your jewellery, make up box and other vanity things easily. Moreover, isn’t it a worthwhile sight to see your vanity items flaunted in the most beautiful way? Do not forget to make your vanity space a lot more interesting by creating a vignette with the help of a vase and lamp.

Kitchen Island

This is like a DIY kitchen island, I must say. Yet such a creative and fun use of a console table. Don't burn a hole in your pocket by building an expensive kitchen island. Instead, use a long and sturdy console table. It will elegantly serve the purpose and can be moved around the way you like. If you want to exactly replicate the kitchen island look then take an additional step and place a concrete or marble slab over the top.

Entertainment Table

If you like it simple and minimal, then a console can be so much impressive as an entertainment unit. Set it against a wall, wall mounts the TV or places it on the table and enjoys the view. Console tables save space as an entertainment unit and can be functional at the same time. Neat and precise, a long console table is all you need if you do not keep your table messy.

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